New Year, New Blog

Happy New Year everyone! 2019 is here and a lot has changed since I last posted! Most of you already know that Andy and I recently got engaged on October 13th 2018…the best day of my life. Blog coming soon 💕💕

But I have also decided that it is a new year and along with that I am going to add a few new changes to the blog. I am mostly going to write about design ideas, inspirations, and before and afters. However, I am going to add some personal blogs on here that I hope you love! More blogs on wellness, fitness, wedding planning, and anything you guys suggest!

Along with the new year, I am going to start writing at least two blogs a month. That doesn’t sound like a lot but life gets in the way and the next thing I knew it was four months since I have last posted. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on what you guys would love to read about.

I hope everyone’s year is off to a great start ✨✨

Cortney 💕

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