6 Ways to Make Your Living Room Seem Larger

To end up at our dream home on the lake, we had to compromise on the space of the house. Eventually, our plan is to expand on one side of the house and build over on our land. Can’t wait to design that!!! But anyway, our living room is cozy but small and we are learning every trick in the book to make it feel larger. I know we are not the only ones with this issue even if it is just the whole house or one room however, we all want to make the very best use out of the living room we have. So grab your journals and start taking notes — ahead are 6 tricks to make your living room downright luxurious.

1.Draw the eyes up:


Artwork layered toward the ceiling or adding a ladder gives the space a taller and more open feel and draws the eyes up! Image from: My Domaine

2.  Install big, bright windows:


Picture from: mydomaine.com

3. Paint the room white:


Dark colors in your living room is beautiful however it can make the room feel a lot smaller than it actually is. Light colors such as white, pale grey, and pale blue keep the room light, airy, and open.

4.Don’t shy away from color:


Now don’t think that having white walls means no color at all, not true. Stick with a color palette and incorporate it into the room through rugs, pillows, rugs, or accents. Amazing interior by: chrislovesjulia.com

5. Discover clever spots for storage:


Storage is key when you live in a small house. We love baskets, trays, and coffee tables that hide all of our day to day junk! Image from: Domino

6. Go very minimal:


Sometimes in small spaces, it is better to go with the “less is more” philosophy. Just by having a streamlined couch, textured pillows, and a fun floor lamp makes the living room feel bigger. Image from: Darling Cashmere

Comment what you guys want to read next!

Cortney ❤

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